Friday, July 13, 2007

So I came into work today, after my obligatory stop at 7-11, to find D saying how the cops had been there because the alarm went off this morning. Apparently I forgot to lock up and this morning some kid decided to go around trying to open doors for no reason. Nothing was missing, everything's fine, but I'm sure that little kid got quite a scare. It serves that little brat right.

I also caught up with my friend S that has got me thinking, is it weird when you have lots of friends still from online role playing games you played when you were 12?

I am currently sitting here listening to Stephanie Miller, drinking Rockstar Juiced (by far the best tasting energy drink out there, it's a shame that the owner resorts to having his mom fire employees he's too much of a pussy to fire himself, hilarious I know.)

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