Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I would like to thank Paris Hilton for dating within her gene pool. It's by far the best thing she's done since getting out of jail. Last night Ms. Paris Hilton was seen necking with none other than Mr. Cisco Adler of White Snake and also Mischa Barton's and Kimberly Stewart's former boyfriend.

If you don't know what he looks like, this story is not complete, so check him out here:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So, just in case you were unconscious yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was caught in a sort of car chase that ended at a police station, and her arrest, for dui, driving with a suspended license, oh and, you'll never believe this, possession of cocaine, which was in her pocket, but not hers.

At least the little stint she had in rehab worked a little ... hey man, there was at least some coke left to be caught with.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Remember the days when Courtney Love was hot, skinny, had beautiful breasts, was not an alcolholic, and was mildly coherant? Yeah me neither ... check out the insanity that is Courtney Love here!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I took A to the gas station immediately proceeding picking her up from the airport. She needed something to eat and a drink. For those of you not familiar with Miami, our airport is like... not near any gas stations where I'd recommend actually getting out of the car and going into the facility. So, I made A wait a bit to get to a more civilized gas station albeit uncivilized by normal standards. We went in, she scoped out the doughnuts and finally settled on a green tea and an apple. She went up to the teller to pay when some fancy pre-moistened hand wipes in a dispenser caught her attention. She started playing with them and the teller stated, "those are free!" With delight A grabbed one and stuffed it in her bag. "What a civilized world we live in" I thought "first Publix, now the trashy corner gas station where you can catch pretty much every std known to man in 5 minutes of unsavory backseat behavior. The very gas station where you can get every drug known to man and then some. My how we've progressed into a world where cleanliness is emphasized no less. Holy shit." I chastised myself for my previous thoughts having to do with how many people within throwing range actually grew up with a toilet, rather than defecating into a dirt hole.

A exclaimed "I'm going to take two" and smiled, I smiled a warm and fuzzy smile back.

Life was good.

The teller then gave A her change and said, "Wait... do you know how to use those?"

::stares blankly and fears for life::

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I was in Target today doing some shopping, because shopping is better than Prozac, when I heard some very classy young lady enthusiastically answer her cell. I was in the changing room trying on some very hot items from the Libertine line (which is almost as exciting for me as Proenza Schouler was, but not quite) when I hear the following:

"Hey, I sure missed you this past weekend. I had a girl for you ... and a girl for me ... and we each could have taken a leg and broken her in half like a wish bone. Yeah, yeah, well, I just got $1200 from her asshole Daddy and I'm going to buy her a cell phone to keep track of her ... She's in foster care. Yeah, I gotta go to parenting classes ... I'm not going to learn anything because really, what's there to learn about parenting ... oh yeah?"

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I tried to work out with P90X last night, but apparently I'm not EXTREME enough. I talked to my friend M for a good hour this morning which I always enjoy - I really with she'd move back to Miami, alas.

I'm at the store now. Waiting. There is such glare in the front of the store that when someone comes in, if I'm walking to the front from the back of the room, I can't make out what the person looks like at all. They're just a moving shadow. It's a good thing that we have those security cameras.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hillary Duff! This is for those of you into horse sex! ... YOU'RE WELCOME ALREADY!

So I came into work today, after my obligatory stop at 7-11, to find D saying how the cops had been there because the alarm went off this morning. Apparently I forgot to lock up and this morning some kid decided to go around trying to open doors for no reason. Nothing was missing, everything's fine, but I'm sure that little kid got quite a scare. It serves that little brat right.

I also caught up with my friend S that has got me thinking, is it weird when you have lots of friends still from online role playing games you played when you were 12?

I am currently sitting here listening to Stephanie Miller, drinking Rockstar Juiced (by far the best tasting energy drink out there, it's a shame that the owner resorts to having his mom fire employees he's too much of a pussy to fire himself, hilarious I know.)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The year 2002 was to witness a designer jeans boon as had never before been seen. The forerunner in designer jeans which surfaced with phenomenal effect was the now-familiar Hudson Jeans brand. Hudson Jeans was the brainchild of CEO Peter Kim, who conducted some analytical studies of the fashion world. His attempt to create a creative line which would sustain itself even in the light of changing fashion styles and aggressive competition came into fruition when he invented the Hudson Jeans brand.

Fashion is not just a statement; it is a window into the soul of those who wear that fashion. Hudson Jeans grew and expanded quickly in popularity, its customer base of predominantly teenagers growing exponentially. What stimulated the growth of the Hudson Jeans brand? The same thing that teens have been reacting to for generations: a healthy presence of peer pressure and a value-adding style which few could replicate.

The casual utility jeans went on to transform into a high-end glamorous designer jeans-wear. Predictably, Hudson Jeans have come of age. In fact, some celebrities will not be seen without a few pairs of Hudson Jeans in their closets. As if often the case with fashions, celebrities have helped Hudson Jeans on their way to success through projecting a glamorous and often-envied personal life.

Hudson Jeans address the needs of both the formal and the casual wearer. In fact, the brand can be worn equally by both sets of people with no conflict. Those who need to dress formal in their Hudson Jeans only need a nice jacket or blouse, while those who want the casual look can dig out a wrinkled t-shirt from their closet.

The Blend

Hudson Jeans has undergone a subtle shift in styling and tailoring with the present day collection being an imperceptible blend of the esthetic with the trendy. This unique coupling gives it an appeal which few can resist – hence the near complete market domination by the inimitable Hudson Jeans collection!

The source of Hudson Jeans quality comes in the way of pride and consistency. Hudson Jeans are produced and manufactured in countries like Japan and Italy, countries which have always been known for the quality and pride they infuse in their products. The detailing adds to this quality. Through double-seam stitching and the addition of designer rivet buttons, Hudson Jeans transform even the most mundane cuts into high-quality jeans that appeal to a person’s sense of style and aesthetics. The color choice for Hudson Jeans is extensive and adds to the jeans’ appeal. Ranging from the easy shadowy grays and blacks to the aggressive reds (and everywhere in between), Hudson Jeans has a color for everyone.

The future challenge of Hudson Jeans is to continue to appeal to its main demographic (the teen) while reaching out to adults in search of a subtler, more down-to-earth style. With such a heterogeneous mixture of potential clients, the powers behind Hudson Jeans have their work cut out for them as they try to address each customer’s wishes with an open mind.

As for the customers, the future will continue to be about choice. Choosing the right pair of Hudson Jeans is a process not to be attempted by someone without some pre-cognitive idea of what he or she is looking for. The popularity of the brand, along with its immense variety of styles, colors and designs, make it almost impossible for shoppers to sift through a rank of Hudson Jeans and go home with just one!

Changing lifestyles and a more discerning customer base has created a frenzy in the fashion market – what was but a solid and predictable market with limited needs and even more limited options has witnessed a virtual explosion in fashion statements and options alike. True Religion Jeans have created more than a mere flutter in the market. Began in 2002 by husband and wife designing team Jeffrey and Kym Lubell, True Religion Jeans have exploded on the denim market. Already, they have been featured in such publications as Vogue, The New York Times, and Rolling Stones magazine. If their tempo is maintained it is inevitable that True Religion Jeans will dominate this growing market in the years to come!

True Religion Jeans don’t cater to just the rich and famous, although many Hollywood stars have found a favorite True Religion pair of jeans. On the contrary, True Religion Jeans are popular among customers of all ages and incomes. They can be found in Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Alternatively, those who don’t live anywhere near a large city and still want to buy True Religion Jeans can go online to shop.

True Religion Jeans are true American jeans. As such, they cater to a wide range of people. True Religion Jeans exhibit a variety of fits, including boot cut, flair, straight, skinny and relaxed. They have jeans for men, women and children, with their main function being utility. True Religion Jeans shine in any kind of activity, formal or informal. Unlike other brands, not all True Religion Jeans are narrow at the hips and thighs, so even those who are not supermodels can fit into these jeans. In addition, True Religion Jeans are great for people who love to carry things around with them; oversized pockets are strategically placed for comfort and style.

Those who want can shop for True Religion Jeans online through You can shop by fit, size, gender or style. True Religion Jeans styles are given names; among the ten different styles are Billy, Logan, Johnny, and Micky. Each style is unique, and yet each must meet a strict set of quality standards before being called True Religion Jeans. Some would call their styles conservative, although the definition is certainly subjective. True Religion has a more family-oriented style than other high-end denim companies.

True Religion Jeans are a true global phenomenon. While their main customer base is in the U.S., they have stores all over the world, including places in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, Japan and France. It seems everyone knows the value and quality of True Religion Jeans. True Religion Jeans are the number one high-end denim offering in Japan, although a warmer overall year in Europe led to a few disappointing months in sales volume.

Although the sale of denim jeans has brought True Religion Jeans to the forefront, the company also sells outerwear and shaded corduroy pants. Customers can choose corduroys in such shades as fuchsia, gray, turquoise or green apple. In reality, True Religion has something for everybody, including rough-and-tumble means for the kids, a sturdy fashion statement for men and women, and trendy jeans and skirts for the fashion-gifted. With their need for perfection, True Religion Jeans is still moving its way up on sales charts around the world.