Friday, July 20, 2007

I took A to the gas station immediately proceeding picking her up from the airport. She needed something to eat and a drink. For those of you not familiar with Miami, our airport is like... not near any gas stations where I'd recommend actually getting out of the car and going into the facility. So, I made A wait a bit to get to a more civilized gas station albeit uncivilized by normal standards. We went in, she scoped out the doughnuts and finally settled on a green tea and an apple. She went up to the teller to pay when some fancy pre-moistened hand wipes in a dispenser caught her attention. She started playing with them and the teller stated, "those are free!" With delight A grabbed one and stuffed it in her bag. "What a civilized world we live in" I thought "first Publix, now the trashy corner gas station where you can catch pretty much every std known to man in 5 minutes of unsavory backseat behavior. The very gas station where you can get every drug known to man and then some. My how we've progressed into a world where cleanliness is emphasized no less. Holy shit." I chastised myself for my previous thoughts having to do with how many people within throwing range actually grew up with a toilet, rather than defecating into a dirt hole.

A exclaimed "I'm going to take two" and smiled, I smiled a warm and fuzzy smile back.

Life was good.

The teller then gave A her change and said, "Wait... do you know how to use those?"

::stares blankly and fears for life::

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