Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today went to hell in a hand basket. It started out yesterday. I’m not really sure when, but I had been really quite good up until that point. Somewhere along the way I rescheduled my naps and even cut one completely out. Since then I’ve been deliriously tired and disoriented on and off. The fact that I may or may not be delirious at the moment, I think that I screwed up on my 5 pm nap and pushed it to 6:30 pm. I then wasn’t able to sleep for my 9 pm or my 1 am and ended up taking a nap at 3:30ish am and then at 8:30ish am. Most of it is a blur. I remember trying to work at 6:30am and effectively staring at my computer screen for 2 hours, doing about 2 minutes worth of work during that period. I then slept through my alarm that went of at 9 am and almost fell through on my obligations to pick my friend Megan up from the airport. I woke up at 9:30 am, jumped up off the floor and flew out the door to pick up her sister Dede and run to MIA. I got there late, at about 10:20 am, when she needed me to be there at 9:50 am. I wasn’t tired for my 1 pm nap and ended up taking that one at 3:30 pm. I skipped my 5 pm nap and took my regular one at 9 pm and predictably overslept until 10:45 pm.

One of the most uncomfortable things in the world is that feeling of uncontrollable sleep. From 10:45 pm to just about 11:45 pm, I was doing that thing where I was falling asleep and not even realizing it until I experienced a time warp. At 11:15 pm I went for a walk outside. That seemed to help a good deal, although I actually didn’t think it would. I am tired, there’s no doubt about that, but I am relatively coherent.

The moral of this story is, unsurprisingly, that you should not ever under any circumstances reschedule a nap, more importantly, you should never skip a nap, at least during the transition period.

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