Monday, March 13, 2006

Things have been going relatively well. I overslept on the morning of the 12th for about 2 hours. My 1am nap is really a killer this time whereas the 5am was the killer last time. As of today, that is the only time when outright oversleeping took place. One thing I really hate about the transition period is the overwhelming stomach sickness I feel. I noticed that during my last attempt, this went away about day 3 so I’m eagerly anticipating this.

I’ve tried to integrate slight activity into my schedule this round. I simply do not have the energy to jog so I went walking at 6am today and I just finished up one set of the beginner’s workout for “I Want Those Abs.”

One thing that never fails to make me feel better is the Juggernaut cartoon on YouTube (!) Because really, this never gets old.

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