Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I've decided to resurrect this puppy as a fashion site because that's my all time obsession. It’s not a fleeting fascination; it’s been in me since a young age and most likely precipitated by my Mom and Grandma and their fondness of quality garments.

So, to start off with, I mainly lust after jeans. It is beyond me why it took until just 10 years ago for jeans to actually flatter the body, but I’m glad it happened. My favorite brands at the moment are Frankie B. and Hudson. I like True Religion and 7 for all mankind as well but they’re a bit too mainstream for them to be my favorites.

Frankie B.

All of these pictures are outright stolen from so that's where you can find them if you want them. Pictures never ever do Frankie B. any justice, for those of you that already own a pair, you can attest to that.

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